Guest Post: Meet Allie!

This guest post was written by my client and dear friend, Allie.  Allie is one of my long-distance coaching clients – she’s in Greenville, South Carolina and I’m in Arlington, Virginia.  We’ve also known each other since 6th grade!

Allie is going to share regular updates here on my blog so you can follow along as we work together and she learns how to live a fat-loss lifestyle.  I’m excited and honored to work with Allie and know that she’s going to change not only her body and life, but also her family’s life.  Big changes coming and exciting stuff ahead!  So let’s get to it!  Let’s meet Allie!


Hi there!  I’m Allie!

I am a recovering addict of all things Starbucks.

A chocolate addict. Especially Godiva.

A Southern cook with an archive of family recipes created using creamy canned soups, cheese, bacon, and canned veggies. (Not all together mind you! Gross.)

A wife to an amazingly strong, handsome, and busy man.

Mom to four beautiful children—going in four opposite directions all at the same time.

I am a proud couponer—creating a small stock pile of canned and boxed items galore, convenience foods, snacks. All at an incredible price.

I love Chick-Fil-A.

I abhor menu planning.

I have only recently discovered that veggies I thought I always hated, when roasted, are actually amazing to eat.

I have hated my body for as long as I can remember, always thinking I was overweight.

I am on the go. Constantly. Every day.

I have rewarded myself for working out with a caramel latte and a low fat muffin, more than once.

I hate clothing shopping—nothing ever fits.

I’m done having kids and am ready for a change, a LIFESTYLE change of getting strong, fit and healthy.

I just started reading the Metabolic Effect Diet book. It’s finally clicking in my head how my body metabolizes food. I have spent hours in spin class, hours on the elliptical and cursed my way through treadmill workouts, all with little results. Admittedly, I’m struggling with the idea that walking is better for my metabolism than an intense 30 min of going all out on the elliptical. But I get it, and I’m willing to give this all of my effort.

My biggest struggle hands down will be nutrition. I am learning the importance of food in this process to lose body fat. I have jumped into this week—my first week eating and working out using the ME methods—choosing healthy things to eat, gauging how my body is reacting to foods I’m eating, and figuring out what I can grab that’s quick as I run out the door. I’ve had a lot of water. I’m pushing through ME workouts with intensity and determination. Walking along on the treadmill—getting caught up on podcasts.  Having little victories here and there as I say no to foods that aren’t healthy. Drinking water. Lots of water.

I’ve never tried to make a lifestyle change before—eating healthy, whole foods. I look forward to a day when it’s easy to just make good healthy food choices without even thinking about it, when it becomes the norm.  I can’t wait to see some changes in my body fat and lean mass! I am eager to see how my family adapts to all things high protein, fresh veggies and fruits, and less sugar.

I’m an insanely busy person, and I know if there’s any way I can have success on this journey, it will be because of a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and a huge commitment to reaching my goals.

I’m thrilled to be on this journey with LAQ Fitness and for the tips and tricks Leslie Ann has given me, for her availability for my less-than-normal questions, for ideas for successful grocery shopping, menu planning, and incorporating whole, healthy foods into my diet.

A few long term goals:

1.     Only shop for clothing in ladies’ departments—not plus sizes.

2.     Create a desire for health, staying fit and strong for my whole family, not just myself. Helping them to eat healthier foods.

3.     Maintain a regular schedule of working out and menu planning.

4.     Encourage other 30-year-old moms of young kids that have the same life-long struggle as I, who are just as busy as I am, to make the same lifestyle choices.

5.     Confidence with my body to do a boudoir photo session for Mark next fall—his 2013 Christmas gift, shhh, it’s a secret.

So cheers – with my crazy kale & fruit smoothie in hand! – to my new journey into strong, fit and healthy! Give me some love and encouragement!


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Meet Allie!

  1. Love u girl! Let me know if you need a walking partner. I love reading posts like this from my friends. So encouraging!

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